Select filmography as editor:
All Small Bodies (Jennifer Reeder, 2017)
The Cure (Mike Olenick, 2017)
Crystal Lake (Jennifer Reeder, 2016)
Blood Below the Skin (2015)
Red Luck (Mike Olenick, 2014)
A Million Miles Away (Jennifer Reeder, 2014)
Seven Songs About Thunder (Jennifer Reeder, 2010)

Consultant editor:
Signature Move (Jennifer Reeder, 2017 - SxSW Premiere)

Assistant editor:
Seances (Guy Maddin, 2016)
The Forbidden Room (Guy Maddin, 2015)
Circle in the Sand (Michael Robinson, 2012)
Keyhole (Guy Maddin, 2011)
Travis (Kelly Reichardt, 2004)